Here I am...All of me...imperfectly...perfect......just me.

Always in search and reaching for my true North Star

Welcome .. Let me re-introduce myself. I love the sound of that. The re- introducing part. I  believe I should make it my morning mantra.. After all each day we rise it is a gift. A gift unopened and full of possibilities,

 In writing this I am realizing my life, my purpose was the button you touched to arrive here. This year my word is balance. With that said I know your life, your purpose matters. You matter. In balance with self care it is in my hopes that ego can trend lightly or better yet disappear all together. It is in my hopes the golden thread is discovered within you, within us. That the me, I, you discover our We. That we can look into the mirror and say you are golden, that we realize, we have a voice, that we have tools, that we may fall down yet can turn ourselves around. Do the hokey pokey, dance if you must. Fun. It is my hope that in our lifetime we can pay it forward. That maybe with a cup of kindness, we can remember seven generations.

 I am a painter of dreams. on a journey in a new phase of life. Throwing caution to the wind for way, way too long I am in search. For our true North Star.