Here I am...All of me...imperfectly...perfect......just me.

reaching for my true North Star

Welcome ,,..

 Let me re-introduce myself. Oh how I love the sound of that. The re- introducing part. I  believe I should make it my morning mantra.. After all each day we rise it is a gift. A gift unopened and full of opportunity, 

 In writing this I am realizing my life, my purpose was the button you touched to arrive here. This particular button is golden, and it is in my learning that it is not my button that you hold, It is your own. It is in my highest hopes that you hold its key.. 

 I am a painter of dreams. It brings me great joy to shine a bit light upon darkness of canvas and wall. I am on a journey in a new phase of life. Throwing caution to the wind for way, way too long I have surrendered to touch and re-light the spark within.. Listening and letting the canvas touch me and my true North Star.

  A student of life and the lessons within, the ups the downs, the all arounds..... I have finally said STOP take a look at yourself ...... you need to find where the gold was depleted. You need to repair yourself. Nobody is coming to save you. You need a golden repair, like the Japanese art of kintsugi. The cracks filled can help the bowl transition into such a work of art. So it is piece by piece, I fill myself with another touch of gold.

 To spend more time, not looking at time. To find where joy went, where play went. To remember how nature and meditation can recover my soul. If I could just remember its ok to dance. If I could just  say shall we? We might just learn some new moves. Meet some new people, We might cry, we might laugh, we might get a whole new feel of a paint brush in our hands, Its all, yes ALL, ok! You have worth, you are enough, Here is a thread, may you weave golden.