Here you are, All of you, imperfectly perfect.

It is good to take time.

 So you are here because you want to purchase all my paintings?

 No, well maybe because you thought they belong in your gallery.

 No, Maybe you are a printer?

 An author?

 Maybe a creator, a co-creator?

 Maybe you want to spend time with canvas and play? 

 Maybe you want time for yourself or a loved one under the stars. I would love to bring a bit of starlight to your canvas or walls. Better yet I would like to touch canvas with you. 

 Maybe the universe has sent you this way. 

 The truth is you might not know why you are here. and that is imperfectly perfectly ok. I can tell you whether you realize it or not, you are a gift. You are layers and layers of life, like a painting, all wrapped up into the all of who you are.. It is in my hopes that is what you discover. 

 So here you find the thread, Come as often as you like. Save it for later or weave into the fabrics of canvas, coffee and stars. Maybe we will connect, co-create.  If you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance, your dance, your way, They say life doesn't have erasers? Paint says yes it does. You can't get it wrong.and you might even get it right.